X Social Sharing Infographic Q3 2013

The Social Sharing Landscape Report: Pinterest Gains in US, Twitter Even With Facebook in Europe

There have been some dramatic shifts in the social sharing landscape toward the end of 2013, with Pinterest on the rise according to a new report by Gigya. It appears that Pinterest and Twitter continue to ascend as popular sharing locales, gaining 4% and 6% of the marketshare respectively over several months. Pinterest actually dominates on e-commerce sites as a trendy destination for fashion, accessories and general photo sharing. Meanwhile Facebook is still the leading social network for media and publishers, representing 40% of all sharing activity, but again Pinterest and Twitter are making significant strides. Facebook has recently made changes to its News Feed algorithm, though, to give articles and other newsworthy content more viability on the site.

Interestingly, though Facebook is still the most popular site throughout the world, it has been losing favor with teens, especially in the UK. They seem to have abandoned the site to avoid their parents, who’ve assimilated to the Facespace culture. Because of this, in Europe sharing on Twitter has almost caught up to Facebook sharing and could make a move on the social networking giant in 2014!

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