7 Important Rules For Freelancers To Live By


Are you a freelancer? Do you have a certain code of conduct or daily ritual that enables you to be successful? Here are seven hardcore principles that freelancers and entrepreneurs can rely upon:

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1. Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms. But the key is to identify its sources and visit them often. So if you choose to be online a lot, you could frequent sites like Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest or Reddit to find interesting new material and a potential creative spark. But be careful to not get lost in the trap of endless browsing, as these sites can suck you in. Same goes for traveling too. Many get inspiration from visiting amazing places New York, Paris, Rome or embarking on some never traveled before journey, but ask yourself, are you really going to Hawaii to write that next great novel or to just lay on the beach all day?

2. Maintain a Strict Dress Code

This is one is often overlooked by would-be entrepreneurs, but shouldn’t be taken lightly. Is there really any harm in doing your work within the comforts of your pajamas? Well, the mind is a fragile thing, and can be easily tricked. If you pamper yourself in soft robes and cushy slippers all day, can your brain really be in sharp attack mode? And having some professional attire available is a must too for any business meetings outside the confines of your home.

3. Create Boundaries Between Work and Home

This is far easier said than done. How can you keep your work life separate from home, when you work at home? Try and have an office separate from your living space and build an imaginary boundary between these two areas.

4. Balance Input and Output

Don’t take on more than you can handle. Naturally you’d like to service as many clients as possible but don’t let the quality of your work slide at any point. Have consistent methods for communicating with others and agreed upon deliverables.

5. Sleep Occasionally

Seriously, are you getting enough sleep? Many of us including myself are not. We try too, but life’s duties, stress or better yet entertainment distracts us. Look to establish a solid sleeping schedule that you can stick to consistently. This will greatly enhance your overall productivity and effectiveness, not to mention your health!

6. Reflect on the World Around You

Too often we get wrapped up in our own little worlds and fail to see what’s really going on around us. Take some time to observe other talent and even your competition!

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7. Don’t be Afraid to Promote Your Work

Have you ever noticed how people who do really great work can still be shy at times to share it with the world? This is a common phobia for creatives who may have spent considerable time with a project and still could be unsure about it. But the world feeds off of creativity, so don’t be afraid to add more ingredients to that stew! Share your work on every social network, blog or forum that will have you. No matter what you’ll continue to build your audience which always opens the door to new opportunities!
Your turn. Do you have any other rules you live by along the road of freelancing?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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