REPORT: It’s an Android World

It’s an Android world

There is no denying that Android, Google’s operating system for mobile smartphones is huge, but did you realize that it represented 65% of all the smartphones sold in 2012? In fact, the Android OS powers 42% of all consumer computer devices!

A new report by Pingdom shows just how enormous Android really is.

Smartphone web traffic by OS

Android is the most dominant mobile OS with a 37% share of smartphone web traffic. It took the lead over Apple’s iOS in 2012, and has been showing steady growth since its inception.
Smartphone web traffic by OS

Market shares in the top 5 Android and iOS markets

Android’s largest markets in terms of sales are China and the US. It is the top OS in both these markets and all five major mobile markets. Also having a 67% share of the Chinese market is impressive considering they recently passed the US as the biggest market for Android and iOS devices overall.
Market share top 5

Android outpaces growing smartphone market

Since last year the worldwide smartphone market grew by almost 40%, however Android doubled that with an amazing 88% growth. In Q4 2012, the global market for smartphones was 208 million devices, with Android accounting for 144.7 million, iOS 43.5 million smartphones and other manufacturers looking bleak (down from 25% to a 10% share).
Market share top 5

Largest smartphone manufacturer; it’s an Android brand

Samsung is the largest smartphone manufactuter with 228 million devices compared to 145 million for Apple. There are also several other manufactures that use an Android OS, whereas only Apple for iOS.
Largest smartphone manufacturer

Conclusion: It’s an Android world!

It’s pretty clear that Android has taken over with a 65% market share of worldwide smartphones sales at the end of 2012.
It’s an Android world
So which do you prefer, Android or iOS? Do you think any other mobile operating systems, like Windows or BlackBerry, could become a factor again in 2013?

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