60+ Top LinkedIn Influencers Reveal Their Best Productivity Hacks to Work Smarter

productivity hacks heroWith only a limited number of hours to accomplish everything each day, how can we use our time more productively? When it comes to success and productivity, you can take a good look at some of the leading influencers on LinkedIn for inspiration.

A common theme you’ll find is that a healthy body transforms into healthy habits and productivity. “No matter what time zone I’m in, before the workday begins I get up and workout,” says author and business executive Don Peppers. I also find going for a jog or swim in the morning helps you think more clearly throughout the day as the chemical reactions that occur in your brain while you work out make you more alert afterward. You just need to get up early enough (with enough sleep) to pull it off before you begin working for the day.

Others like Charles Best try to minimize digital distractions like email by only checking it at specific times throughout the day instead of every time they’ve got mail. The CEO of Hightower Elliott Weussbluth, on the other hand, has a strict zero inbox policy he adheres to every night. Don’t let your other digital gadgets take over your life, either: “Manage your mobile, don’t let it manage you,” says Richard Branson.

And if you find yourself struggling to make these changes, you’re not alone. Even the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk has his struggles: “I’ve always been disrespectful of my time, even though I’ve valued it the most.” One great tip from Frank Wu, chancellor of UC Hastings College of Law, is to “delegate, delegate, delegate,” to the right people and effectively split your workload. Importantly if you manage a business, providing a little motivation and humor to your team can go a long way into showing that you care, which in turn will make your team more productive. “I hold daily stand-ups for my team every morning,” says Kevin Chou, CEO Of Kabam.

What other great time-freeing hacks could you use? Learn how to work smarter with some amazing productivity tips from LinkedIn influencers below:

productivity hacks from linkedin influencers

When it comes to being productive, try to avoid too much multi-tasking and focus on what matters to you most! Do you have any time-saving productivity hacks worth mentioning?

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