The Sea Life: Striking Photos Through the ‘Porthole’ of a Moving Ship

Porthole-by-Luke-Casey-4Life at sea can bring a great sense of freedom as you take to the open water ahead, not to mention some rather pleasing sunsets and views. But eventually life at sea can feel restrictive, and despite its beauty it can trigger feelings of “cabin fever.” This piece by photographer Luke Casey portrays a striking series of images shot through the frame of a small glass porthole window on a ship. Though the pictures were taken in the open sea at various exotic locations, we’re only offered a small glimpse of the surrounding beauty, just as we would from the interior of a ship!

People familiar with long voyages at sea may be able to relate to the mixed feelings that come with leaving your home for an extended period of time. On the one hand, you feel detached from your former world, while on the other you are in awe of being able to explore and see scenic new locations. This powerful combination of emotions is visible in each of Casey’s photographs.

porthole land




porthole ship

porthole italia

porthole red

porthole trees


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Daniel Zeevi

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