Have We Stopped Living in the Moment?

Hanging out with friends, going for walks in the park, checking out a comedy show, engagements, popping celebratory bottles of champagne, attending birthday parties: these are some of the moments that make up our lives. Now mobile camera technology allows us to record and savor every moment that passes, too. But have we become so caught up in capturing these moments that we’ve forgotten to actually enjoy them? Are we somehow more connected, yet lonelier, because of technology? “I Forgot My Phone” is a short but powerful film that will make you think twice the next time you want to pull out your phone during a social gathering!

A recent mobile study by Time indicated that 84% of people couldn’t go without their cell phones for a day! While completely forgoing our smartphones may be extreme, we can learn to use these devices more intelligently throughout our daily lives and not allow them to affect our social interactions as much. Famous diarist Anaïs Nin provided some great insights that warned us of the danger of allowing these “mechanical voices, radios, telephones, to take the place of human intimacies” making us all more connected around the globe, yet really farther apart from the ones closest to us.
Do you feel the need to photograph and share every big moment in your life?
via MyScienceAcademy

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