Your Favorite NBA Team Logos Transformed into Pokémon

There are NBA fans and there are Pokémon fans, but are there NBA Pokémon fans? Now we can find out who are fans of both thanks to artist Micah Coles, who recreated NBA logos to include first generation Pokémon.

Part NBA, part Pokémon, these logos are great for both basketball fans and gamers of a decade and a half ago. The hybrid logos are especially fitting at this time, right in the midst the 2014 NBA playoffs.

Check out some of the Pokémon-inspired logos below and see the rest of Coles’ art on his Imgur page.

Utah Weez (Jazz)


Orlando Magikarp (Magic)


Miami Flareon (Heat)


New York Kicks (Knicks)


Cleveland Gravelers (Cavaliers)


L.A. Cloyster (Clippers)


Lavender Town Gengers (L.A. Lakers)


Sacramento Nidokings (Kings)

nidokings - kings

San Antonio Sprouts (Spurs)

sprouts - spurs

Chicago Tauros (Bulls)

tauros - bulls

Atlanta Shocks (Hawks)

shocks - hawks

via Uproxx

Mikaela Rakos

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