How to Recover Lost Advertising Revenue with PageFair

Do you run a blog? Did you know that 23% of your visitors are likely to be blocking your ads via some sort of plugin? That can result in some hefty losses, costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Worse for large publishers is that the average adblocking rate is growing at 43% per year using popular tools like Adblock, a popular extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Some publishers are looking to regain this lost advertising revenue using an anti-adblocking tool called PageFair. PageFair provides a supplemental advertising system that can only be seen by people blocking ads. This is achieved by a deal they’ve cut with makers of Adblocking programs to show only ads that conform to the Acceptable Advertising standard. This means that these ad units are clearly labeled as such, are non-intrusive and must include an opt-out feature.

Adblocking On the Rise

Depending on how tech savvy your audience is, sites could have upwards of 30% of their advertising and revenue streams blocked.



PageFair gives publishers an effective means to recover lost ad revenue and also says that its average click-through-rate is similar to non-adblockers with less than a 0.5% op-out rate.

According to a PageFair statement:

Our goal is to re-establish a fair deal between website visitors and publishers, one which respects the rights of users to enjoy content without interruption, exposure to malware, inappropriate or disingenuous advertising, rewards publishers for creating quality free content, and frees them to focus on loyalty and engagement instead of traffic and clicks, and provides brands with access to an important online demographic through an advertising medium designed for the needs of a media-literate and tech-savvy audience.

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