Some People Using ‘#NoFilter’ on Instagram are Fooling You [STATS]

How many times do you see an Instagram picture with the hashtag “#nofilter” and are in awe of such a beautiful shot? Well, according to social media management company Spredfast, not everyone who writes “#nofilter” is actually using no filter on their images.

Using data from Instagram’s public API, Spredfast was able to discern the number of people falsely making this claim. In the last 100,000 images with “#nofilter,” as many as 11% actually did have a filter. If this percentage holds true for all Instagram photos, it means that around 8.6 million photos have the deceptive hashtag label.

In addition, Spredfast used filter data from the API information to determine what filters were actually used on the images claiming to have no filter. The most used filter was Amaro with 15%, followed by Valencia at 12%, X-Pro II at 10%, and Lo-Fi and Mayfair at 8%.

So the next time you see a “#nofilter” Instagram image and wish your photography skills were also that great, remember that it may not be as natural as it seems.

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Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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