How the NFL’s Opening Football Game Scored on Twitter

Broncos defensive TD gaffe

Broncos defensive TD gaffeAre you finally ready for some football? NFL and Twitter fans seemed to have been last night for the opening kick off between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. The game drew 1.4 million Tweets sent out with a spike of 15,000 per minute during Peyton Manning’s 5th touchdown pass. He went on to throw 7 in the game, and I’m very happy to have picked him up on my Fantasy Football team this year 🙂

“Twitter and Vine brought people closer to favorite football legends and fantasy draft picks on game night,” said Twitter.

Now even though the Ravens got schooled in the game, they still came out the victorious team on Twitter with the most Tweets, receiving more than 29,000 team mentions. The Broncos weren’t too far behind though, getting more than 24,000 shout outs.

Ravens vs. Broncos: NFL Kickoff on Twitter

The top tweeted about players include Peyton Manning, Wes Welker and Ray Rice. Below you can see an interactive Tweets per minute graph spiking on key terms throughout the game.

And if you can believe, I also started the Denver Defense and wanted to cry after celebrating a sure Touchdown return right?
Broncos defensive TD gaffe

What did you think about the first game?

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  1. I have Peyton on both my teams and one of his top targets on one of them. Nice to only be 2 players into the week and have 85% of your projected team total secured in points.

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