Fantasy Football, Real Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you an NFL or fantasy football fan? What started out as just another game has quickly turned into big business. Did you know that fantasy football generates $4 billion in revenue annually? That’s equal to almost half the revenue produced by the National Football League itself, and more than the NBA or NHL makes. The average team costs between $250 to $500 to register, with typical Super Bowl prizes equaling up to $5000. Recently the NFL inked a deal with Sprint for $600 million to allow subscribers to monitor their fantasy football teams on the go.

Participation in fantasy football has grown by 60% over the last four years, with over 33.5 million people playing in the US and Canada. In fact, 19% of all males in the U.S. play fantasy sports! The problem is, though, that 30% of players manage their teams during work hours, killing productivity and causing many employers to ban sites like Yahoo Fantasy Football from the workplace. Interestingly, Yahoo overtook Google in July as the number one most visited Web property online. I have to wonder if the start of football contributed to that surge.
I’d love to write more about this, but I actually have a fantasy draft tonight myself that I need to prepare for. No joke. Year-long bragging rights are on the line, let alone the extra cash!
Are you in any fantasy leagues this season? Who do you think I should take first overall in my draft?

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