Minilogs: Save and Share Your Bookmarks in Online Playlists

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Screenshot of Minilogs' websiteWe don’t often write about new and upcoming startups but this company’s made a product so cool I couldn’t resist telling you about it. Minilogs is a France-based startup that lets you bookmark and share links in “Web playlists.” I know what you’re thinking: Lauren, why do we need another social bookmarking site? I’ll tell you why.

Besides letting you bookmark cool websites and pictures, Minilogs enables you to create a playlist of songs you like from a variety of sources, including YouTube and SoundCloud. Since all of the songs are playable from within your “Log,” or the list of bookmarks you’ve created, you can listen to your cross-platform playlist from anywhere. No more worrying about switching between sites because Minilogs lets you do it all.

How Minilogs Works

When you find something on the Internet that you’d like to include in a Web playlist, just click on your Chrome extension or browser bookmarklet to quickly add it to your Minilogs account. From there you can choose which Log to add the content to. You can also add content to your Logs by pasting Web URLs onto your Minilogs account, directly within the Minilogs website.

Once you finish bookmarking interesting Web finds, you can publish your Log to the Minilogs site as well as generate sharing links and embed codes. For example, check out the mashups playlist I made today.

Besides songs, Minlogs lets you bookmark other types of rich media content. Planning a trip? Bookmark guides, maps, and more onto your travel Log and Minilogs will provide you a handy way to view and share this content later. Minilogs also lets you import links from a file or directly from your browser – a useful way to organize and visualize your bookmarks. Here’s an interesting Log you could use to plan a day in New York City:

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According to The Next Web, Minilogs just opened to the public after launching in private beta. The company recently completed a $266,000 round of seed funding and is ready to take on the social bookmarking world.

Interested? To learn how to use Minilogs check out their tutorial or head straight to their website to create an account.

How do you see yourself using Minilogs?

Lauren Mobertz

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