X 10 Pinterest Best Practices

10 Pinterest Best Practices to Make Your Content More Shareable

Everyone loves the new visual bookmarking site Pinterest which grew by a staggering 400% in 2012 to nearly 40 million users. But how can you take advantage of the insane virality of this social network? Well, here are 10 great tips to make your campaigns more buzz worthy!

1. Plan

Start by creating a solid content strategy based on the interests of your target audience. Identify the passions and aspirations that matter most to your followers!

Avoid the “me syndrome” exhibited by too many brands who only look to pin promotional products and information. That’s not very Pinteresting!

2. Set Goals

What are the goals of your Pinterest campaign? Are you looking to create more awareness about your brand or drive more traffic to your site? Determine how the visual nature of Pinterest best fits into your brand strategy. Pinterest has also recently released free analytics tools to track the success of your Pinterest campaigns.

3. Align

Position your brand to align with relevant, popular and timely topics trending on social media. So if you’re a fashion company, look to pin trendy new outfits.

4. Optimize

Focus on the keywords that are most important to your brand by incorporating these into your board title names and pin descriptions! These should also be aligned with what your target audience is searching for.

Note: Google loves Pinterest which can give your content higher visibility in search engines!

5. Engage

Interact with your followers! Taking the time to participate by liking, repinning or commenting on fan posts shows that you care.

6. Organize

The organization of your boards is crucial. While using coveted keywords are important, try and have a little fun naming your boards to make them more appealing to the average user. And definitely make sure to set the “cover image” of each board with a pin that best represents its topic.

7. Diversify

Create multiple boards and pin items that appeal to every segment of your potential consumer base and more! Pinterest is an unbelievable opportunity to reach new people.

8. Integrate

Is all your website content pinnable? Make sure all your articles, products and other content can be easily shared by incorporating the “Pin It” button into your social sharing lineup.

9. Evaluate

Continually measure and optimize your success. What boards and pins are seeing the most engagement in terms of “likes” and “repins?” Are you getting traffic from Pinterest. Check out the new Pinterest analytics tool which can give businesses key insights with visual graphical data about their content interactions and referral traffic generated from Pinterest.

10. Enjoy

In the end, remember to have fun and enjoy the site! It’s an awesome visual medium great for both discovery and sharing. Encourage others to pin your content with exciting contests, scavenger hunts or other campaigns, which can be tracked by tagging (@) or hashtags (#).

Ricky Potts
Thanks for sharing. I have been trying to find value in Pinterest... but I haven't found it yet. I pin stuff, including blog posts and golf related content that I think my audience will find interesting. But I am not seeing a lot of traffic because of my time spent there. 40 million is not a number to ignore, but I find more personal entertainment value over clicks. Still a fun site!
Adina Zaiontz
Great ... But this doesn't offer any concrete ways to get more followers.
Ken Pickard
Pinterest seems fuzzy to a lot of people. How to leverage and tap into this pinning craze is an interest process. Thanks for the great tips to follow!
Daniel Zeevi
Thanks Ken the bottom line is to always have a visual side to your content!
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