Melting Pot Music: ‘The Trip’ by Dexter

What would happen if you took the sound of 60’s psychedelic rock and meshed it with modern hip hop? A hippie revolt, and it would probably sound a lot like The Trip by Dexter, an album that draws the younger generation in with some pretty ill beats while delivering an equally acidic taste of the free love, crazy drugs, trippy times and fuzzy fun times that the 60’s were famous for.

“I like nearly every music from the late 60ties,” the German-based platinum producer Dexter says. “My whole musical spectrum has been shaped by this era. It was a time when everything was in progress – art, film, music, society. And I wanted to bring this vibe across on this album.“

The psychedelic artwork comes from Robert (photos) and Gizem Winter (illustrations). Check out the entire album “With Ease” on Bandcamp:

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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