Digg Founder Kevin Rose Reveals a New Blogging Platform Looking to Make Your World a Little More ‘Tiny’

Do you think writing on the Web has become cryptic? The founder of Digg and new Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose has a new idea for a blogging tool called Tiny that looks to bring more personalization to online writing and reading than ever before. He posted a video demo of his prototype on YouTube, which offers a glimpse into his tinier new world. Rose said:

What if we thought of blogging as a window to someone’s world? You can actually see their environment under the post. That’s pretty awkward if it’s unfiltered but if you blur the person and use them as the background, you get a better feeling from the content where they were and what their mood was when they wrote the post.”

Tiny Blogging Platform Prototype

Tiny looks to use a writer’s webcam to capture their emotions during the actual writing of the post to give a reader a better sense of not only what the author is trying to convey, but also how they are trying to convey it. The interface is clean and minimal from a writers’ perspective (besides staring at yourself moving around while you write).

In response to some comments made on YouTube, Rose acknowledged the creepy factor of Tiny while insisting it could be a fun idea worth exploring:

I agree that the moving image would be distracting, the original idea was to lock a pic as the background (like the first example in the video). The moving video/streaming felt creepy, but new and different in a fun way. I wanted to include it as an idea.

The theme I really like here is exposing the environment of the blogger. I don’t think this would make sense for large corporate blogs, but it could be a fun modern take/throwback to the days of personal publishing sites like LiveJournal etc.”

What do you think about this Tiny idea?

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Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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