Keeeb: An Effective and Beautiful Way to Curate All Types of Online Content

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Using the Keeeb buttonSince news broke that Salesforce acquired Web clipping service Clipboard, users have been seeking a similar service to fulfill their Web curation needs. If you’re a former Clipboard user looking for a replacement service, here’s the word on the street: is a great place for you to migrate before Clipboard closes its doors for good on June 30.

You may be wondering why the web needs yet another clipping service? Hell, part of me wonders the same thing. But at the very least, Keeeb has a leg up on other services with its unique approach. Like a Pinterest for all media types, Keeeb enables you to clip (“keeeb”) multiple types of elements including text, photos, and videos and group them (your “keeebies”) almost any way you like. It’s this flexibility that makes Keeeb appealing. Let’s take a look.

How Keeeb Works

Keeeb says in their video, “Our mission is to make working with online content effective and beautiful.” In this Keeeb certainly succeeds. As you’ll notice in their overview, saving web content like text, videos, and images is as simple as activating the Keeeb button for your bookmark toolbar. When you find something you want to keeeb just click the Keeeb button, highlight your video, image, or text, and click “save.”

Your keeebs are organized by pages. If you desire even deeper organization, within pages you can group keeebies by topic, rearrange keeebies, and add comments. You can also move keebies between pages. By default every page you create is private. If you’re up for sharing, however, you can click to make your page public or use Keeeb’s handy sharing tool to share you page via Facebook and Twitter.

For more information on how to use Keeeb or to snag the Keeeb button, check out this page.

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Inspiring Ways to Keeeb

The flexibility Keeeb offers in terms of curation means it can be put to a variety of purposes. Check out some of the most innovative ways below and visit the Keeeb blog for more ideas:

Migrating to Keeeb?

If you’re looking to migrate to Keeeb from Clipboard, be on the lookout for Keeeb’s upcoming importer tool.

Keeeb Page DashBurst Technology

Until then, have a look around the site and be sure to explore DashBurst’s Keeeb pages:

What other ways can you think of to use Keeeb?

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  1. Hi Lauren, thank you very much for this nice article. We really want to make a difference and you explained that very good. We want to help people do real content curation and not just content collection. We will do our best, to make Keeeb better every day. Articles like yours make the hard work worth while. Thanks!

    1. Glad you enjoyed, Konrad! Keep up the great work and feel free to keep us in the loop with any updates down the line. Looking forward to seeing Keeeb get even better!

  2. keeeb is definitely beautiful! just wanted to share a little different concept of link curation called WikiPacks – it’s more research and collaboration oriented than keeeb. we launched it just last week and got really great feedback so far! let me know what you guys think.

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