Katie Couric Is Making the Newsroom Interactive for Her First Interview as Yahoo News Global Anchor

katie couric yahoo news global anchor

katie couric yahoo news global anchor

Katie Couric introduced herself this morning as the global anchor for Yahoo News, and she wants you to join her on her journey. Besides launching her new Tumblr, Couric announced the subject of her next interview and asked readers to help her build something new.

On Friday, March 14, Couric will interview former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg about his new role as the United Nations Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change. In his first big interview since leaving office, Bloomberg will talk about the world issues he’ll be tackling at the U.N.

Just as Yahoo is redefining what it means to be a global internet powerhouse, Couric’s is a fresh take on the modern, Web-based newsroom. When it comes to interviewing powerful people, Couric is a veteran. This time, though, Couric wants her readers to join in. “I want you to come along with me this time, to give you a window into their lives and have your voice be heard,” she wrote on Tumblr. The esteemed news anchor is asking readers to submit questions, photos and videos they’d like Bloomberg to see, essentially taking advantage of the media formats available on Tumblr. “Let’s build something new together,” Couric wrote.

The Bloomberg interview will be available on Couric’s Tumblr and on Yahoo News.

What would you like to ask Michael Bloomberg?

Lauren Mobertz

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