What Happens on the Web Every Minute of Every Day? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Something new happens around the world each minute of every day. But what about in the digital world? “Big data”, which describes all the digital activity that takes place, has allowed analysts to collect data and measure things it could not before. Domo, a company that brings together businesses and their data, released an infographic showing what happens on the web and how much data is generated every 60 seconds on the internet.

There are now hundreds of millions of websites that together generate an immense amount of activity. Facebook alone alone handles 2,460,000 posts per minute while Twitter sends out 277,000 tweets in that same 60 seconds. When it comes to photo and video sharing, every minute sees 216,000 new photos posted to Instagram and 72 hours of new video posted to YouTube. Or take business: each minute, Apple enjoys 48,000 new app downloads and Amazon makes $83,000 in online sales. People are even looking for love at intense rates, swiping 416,667 times on Tinder every minute.

Every second counts, as one minute in the digital world is a very busy, powerful thing.


Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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