Amazon Launches Online Store for Wearable Tech

The future of technology in smart watches, fitness tracking bracelets and other smartwear once seemed a distant fantasy but now owning such devices is quickly becoming a reality. Wearable technology is becoming more accessible to everyone with the help of Amazon, which opened its very own wearable tech store today.

The new category falls under Electronics and includes several devices from subcategories like Fitness and Wellness, Healthcare Devices, Wearable Cameras, Smart Watches and Family, Kids and Pets. Amazon’s wearable tech store offers several of the latest smart products like Fitbit, Jawbone Up, GoPro Cameras, Samsung Gear, Pebble Smart Watch, Sony Smart Watch and more.

Amazon’s Learning Center offers buying guides on activity trackers, smart watches and wearable cameras, complete with a video library featuring instructional videos on wearable technology, Amazon’s various smart wear subcategories and gadgets coming soon to the store.

With Amazon’s new store and supplementary Learning Center, people will have more information about and access to affordable wearable technology. As always, Amazon is keeping the customer in mind as it makes buying wearable tech easy for those who want to venture into the future of gadgets and technology.

Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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