Using Google Trends to Create Killer and Viral Blog Posts

Google Top Charts ToolIf you want to create killer blog posts for your site then you are going to need to be writing about what’s hot in the world right now. I don’t care if you have a wordpress blog or a review site, you need to know how to create content that connects with everyone while also using the power of social networking and riding the waves of “hot trends” going on right now.

Google Trends is a fun tool that allows you see what people are currently searching for across the internet.┬áThe tool has three different ways for you to sort what people are searching on right now, which are “Hot Searches”, “Top Charts” and “Explore”. I’ve broken down each of them for you below.

Google Trends Hot Searches

The Hot Searches chart is what people are currently searching for the most right now. You can play with the settings and sort by country and how long of a time period you go back. The top hot searches for the day will be listed and you will also see a range of how many people are currently searching for these topics. You will see “Monday Night Football” is getting 100,000+ searches, while “Sunny Ozell” is in the 50,000+ range.

Google Hot Searches Tool

Google Trends Top Charts

If you want to get a wide range of results and even have them broken down into categories, the latest tool added to the mix, “Top Charts” is for you. As you can see from the screenshot it’s much more appealing on the eyes and gives you a lot more information that just the “Hot Searches” of the day. Click on any of the categories or search phrases and it will break them all down like the “Hot Searches” chart with more information.

Google Top Charts Tool

Google Trends Explore

For those times when you want to see what keywords were hot in the past then you are going to want to use the “Explore” feature that allows you to jump back in time and see what people were searching for and when. I picked the search phrase “miley cyrus” because she has been in the news a lot lately. From the chart you will see that her recent stunt at the MTV awards was her most controversial yet!

Miley Cyrus Google Trends Explore

Using Google Trends to Create Killer Blog Posts

As mentioned earlier, you are going to want to create content that is awesome, yet also targeted to what people are searching for and interested in right now.

You might be asking yourself, how are any of these “Hot Trends” and keywords that people are searching for related to my current business or web site at all? Fortunately I have a perfect example for you!

I write for a lot of different blogs and my specialty is in making money online, marketing and branding… but I like to think I’m a pretty good and creative writer as well!

Be sure to get fun and creative with your content for best results!

By Zac Johnson

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