Now Buffer Posts to Your LinkedIn Company Page

Buffer adds support for posting to LinkedIn company pages

Buffer adds support for posting to LinkedIn company pagesBuffer is a great tool for queuing interesting posts to your social media accounts. The tool is especially useful for brands that want to post at set times each day, maintaining a consistent stream. Today Buffer brings good news for such brands: the company has announced that brands can now Buffer posts to their LinkedIn Company Pages! Here’s how to get started.


Connect Your Company Page

Before you begin posting to your Company Page, you’ll need to connect it to your Buffer account. Visit Buffer’s “Connect More” page and click “Connect a Page” within the LinkedIn category.

Screenshot of connecting a Company Page to a Buffer Account

Next you’ll be brought through an authentication flow on LinkedIn. Click “allow” and select the page you’d like to connect to your Buffer account.

Choose LinkedIn account to connect to Buffer

After this, your LinkedIn Company Page will appear in your accounts list when you Buffer from the Web, your browser extension, the iPhone app, or the Buffer app for Android.


Advantages of Buffering Posts

Screenshot of the Buffer analytics page

Buffering posts to your LinkedIn Company Page offers unique benefits. First, Buffer can help you post at consistent times, even if you create your posts sporadically. Buffer also offers analytics, including stats on comments, likes, reach, reshares, and clicks, so you can track the engagement each of your posts receives.

Now you can use Buffer to post to Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles and pages, LinkedIn groups and profiles,, and Google+ pages, which were added to the Buffer suite just last month.

How will you use Buffer to post to your LinkedIn Company Page? Share your ideas with us in the comments section!

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