Now Any Museum or Gallery Can Exhibit Online through Google Open Gallery

Google Open Gallery

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Do you have any artwork or cultural artifacts you’d like to share with the world, but don’t have the resources to publish them online? You might find a solution in Google. Today Google announced Open Gallery, a program designed to help artists, museums, archives and small galleries exhibit their work online.

In the past, Google has collaborated with museums to make their exhibits available online through the Google Cultural Institute. For the first time Google is making this technology openly available to anyone with cultural content (albeit through an application process).


Beautiful Galleries

Google Open Gallery

Google Open Gallery gives you the technology to bring beautiful, interactive online exhibits onto your website or create a new one, no technical expertise required. You can use Google’s gallery technology to create collections, exhibits and tours. Plus, hosting comes free with images and videos uploaded to Google Open Gallery. The technology allows you to incorporate Street View imagery, powerful image zoom and advanced search and filtering options.


Organizations Participating in Google Open Gallery

So far 45 organizations are using Google’s Open Gallery technology to host online exhibits. For example, the Belgian Comic Strip Center uses Open Gallery to tell the story of the iconic Art Nouveau style Waucquez Warehouse building (which houses the Center), through comic-style drawings, photographs, sketches and words.

The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery uses Google Open Gallery to pair archive photos with modern day Street View imagery. And artist Berndnaut Smilde, based in Amsterdam, uses Open Gallery to exhibit the stunning cloud images from his Nimbus series.


More to Come

Google also announced that it opened the Lab at the Cultural Institute today, a physical space within Google’s Paris campus where Google will explore topics at the intersection of culture and technology and test out things like 3D scanners, million pixel cameras and interactive screens. Google will then test these gadgets inside museums in order to give the museums feedback.

In the future Google promises to add more features to Google Open Gallery and bring more technologies to the Lab.

Do you have any cultural content to share with the world? Request an invite to Google Open Gallery.

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