Evernote Rival Google Keep Adds Location-Based Reminders

Screenshots of Google Keep app

Screenshots of Google Keep app

During the Google I/O developer conference in May, Google announced location-based reminders for Google Now. These reminders are set to pop up when you enter certain geographic areas, such as a reminder to buy milk when you leave work. Today Google announced the same location-based feature for Keep, Google’s note-taking app. This update gives Keep a small leg up over notoriously slow Evernote. Keep has also made it easier to add your photos to notes in Keep.


Location-Based Reminders

screenshot of setting up a reminder in google keepKeep will now integrate with Google Now to provide Android and Chrome users location-based reminders. This means, for example, that the next time you enter your favorite supermarket, Keep can remind you of the grocery list you created in Keep.

To set a reminder, click the “Remind me” located at the bottom of any note. You can choose the type of reminder you’d like: a specific date and time (like Monday at 8 a.m.), a general time of day (such as Thursday morning), along with a location. To make it even easier to set up location-based reminders, Google will suggest nearby places.

If you receive a reminder when you’re not ready, you can snooze it to a time or location more convenient for you. You can also view all of your upcoming reminders in one place using your navigation drawer. From the drawer you can also switch between your accounts, especially helpful for those who keep their personal lives and their work lives separate.


Add Photos With More Ease

screenshot of adding a picture to google keepIt’s now easier to add your existing photos to Google Keep on Android. Just tap the camera icon and Keep will let you choose between taking a new photo and adding a photo from Gallery.

These new Google Keep features are rolling out gradually on Google Play. The new features are, however, already available for Web users.

Do you use Google Keep to make lists or save notes? Share with us in the comments section your ideas for getting the most out of Keep!

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