Google I/O in 10 Sentences, Day 1

Google Maps Presentation at I/O

Google Maps Presentation at I/O

Here comes the only summary of Google I/O, Day 1 you’ll ever need. In 10 sentences.

  • 1. Maps: Google Maps gets a sleeker look with an interactive map that recommends locations, compares travel modes (even flights), and seamlessly integrates Street View and Google Earth. More >>
  • 2. YouTube: All channels in good standing with over 1000 subscribers are now eligible to apply for live streaming. More >>
  • 3. Search: Google Search can now talk to you and it even sends you information exactly when you need it, before you ask. More >>
  • 4. Google Wallet: You can now send money as a Gmail attachment. More >>
  • 5. Google+: Google+ gets a facelift with responsive design in the feeds, a nifty tags feature that lets you dig into more content, and a photo editor that works all by itself. More >>
  • 6. Hangouts: Now hanging out with your friends just works, no matter if you are chatting within Google+ or from your Android, iOS, or desktop app. More >>
  • 7. Google Play Music All Access: Google introduced a monthly music subscription service with access to millions of songs. More >>
  • 8. Google Play Games: Google introduces a game service with real-time multiplayer action and leaderboards. More >>
  • 9. Google Play Books: Books now allows you to upload your files to the cloud and features new a Read Now section that features books you’ve recently purchased, uploaded, or read. More >>
  • 10. Chrome: Chrome gets even faster and more secure, including faster video-streaming and e-payments. More >>

What’s your favorite update released today at Google I/O?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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