Google Drive Adds Activity Stream So You Can Track Changes to Your Documents

GIF of Google Drive activity stream

GIF of Google Drive activity stream

Sometimes when collaboratively editing documents among teams on Google Drive, tracking changes can get a little hairy. To help users make more sense of the life of their documents, Google is adding a new activity stream to Drive that will make it easy to review every action take on files and folders.

Now when you open Drive, click the round information button (ⓘ) at the top right corner to open the activity stream (as you can see in the GIF above). A list of all recent changes to your documents will appear accompanied by the profile images of those who made the changes. Use the activity stream to track changes to folder or individual files.

Currently Google Drive sends email alerts when comments are made to documents, but this can be a messy way to keep up with document changes. The new activity stream provides a more unified and foolproof approach to keeping track of the goings-on of your Google Drive.

Google says new activity stream will roll out to all Drive users over the next week.

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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