Introducing the Google Drive API [VIDEO]

Google Drive is basically your personal hard drive in the cloud. You can store, share and collaborate on various document types across multiple desktops and mobile devices. Plus, all the data is stored inside Google’s infrastructure, making it reasonably safe and secure to back your information up there.

Google Drive API

Now is where things get interesting: Google has recently released a Drive API which allows developers to easily store and retrieve data from a user’s personal Drive. What makes this so powerful is that the data can be just about anything like a document, spreadsheet, image, video, song or even application-specific data from a game for example. Now Google Drive is basically offering this information up to businesses and developers in a scaled structure that makes it much simpler for applications to integrate with across a host of platforms. In turn, this will allow programmers to focus more on their applications and less on the back end cloud storage while giving developers an entirely new suite of content and data to build applications for.

This news has been well received here at DashBurst, too, because our new social network beta also allows you to share, organize and explore lots of different content types like Google documents as well as other rich content types like photos, videos, presentations, infographics, articles and music. Now Google Drive is potentially looking to close the digital divide between your local and cloud storage, which opens up a world of new application ideas.

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Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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