Now All Users Can Track Down Noisy Tabs on Google Chrome

Google Chrome Metro on Windows 8 screenshot

Do you ever find yourself working on Google Chrome only to be distracted by a mysterious noise? You know it’s coming from one of your tabs, yet try as you might you can’t figure out which one!

Back in November Chrome released a solution to the noisy tab conundrum to beta users: a noisy tab indicator. Today Google announced on its Chrome blog that it will be rolling out this and other features to all users. Here’s an overview of what’s to come:


Noisy Tab Indicators

Google Chrome noisy tab indicators

A popular feature from the start, Chrome’s noisy tab indicators are expanding from mere noise patrol to help users keep track of what their browsers are doing. The next Chrome update will bring a system of icons to all users that shows when a tab is making noises (indicated by a volume icon), when a tab is using your webcam (indicated by a red camera record icon) and when a tab is being cast to your TV (indicated by a blue screen icon).

You’ll never go crazy hunting for a noisy tab again!


Stronger Malware Warning

New Google Chrome malware warning

If you see the above message when you download a file from the internet, click “Dismiss” knowing that Chrome probably just prevented you from opening malware on your computer.


Supervised Users

Supervised users on Google Chrome

Chrome’s new supervised users feature is extended to all as a beta preview. By visiting you can monitor the browser activity of supervised users as well as restrict sites.


New Look for Windows 8 Chrome Metro

Google Chrome Metro on Windows 8 screenshot

The Metro version of Chrome for Windows 8 gets an updated interface. Now manage multiple windows and take advantage of Chrome’s integrated app launcher. On desktop, Windows 8 users will see an updated interface with new styling for form controls and scrollbars.

What do you think of the new Google Chrome features?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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