8 Modern-Day Plagues [COMIC]

According to the Old Testament, the Egyptians and their Pharaoh suffered the Ten Plagues—a storm of fire, locusts, a suffocating darkness, and seven additional scourges—for not releasing the Israelites from slavery. Today, humanity is threatened with its own plagues including an overdose of Kardashian news and the over-utilization of hashtags on the web. So, if… Continue reading 8 Modern-Day Plagues [COMIC]

How to Launch a New Video Game on Kickstarter

Have you ever dreamed about making your own video game? Kickstarter is an awesome site to make any hobby or dream come true. Once you’ve come up with a great new idea, first try and find the right team to help you put it all together. Then create a Kickstarter project with obtainable goals and… Continue reading How to Launch a New Video Game on Kickstarter

How to Maintain Good Internet Posture [COMIC]

Do you spend most of your day browsing the Internet hunched over some computer screen? If you’re not careful about your posture, you could end up a modern-day Hunchback of Notre Dame, with some pretty painful back problems along the way. So the next time you go shopping, consider picking up one of those ergonomic… Continue reading How to Maintain Good Internet Posture [COMIC]

The After-Post [COMIC]

You know the excitement you feel when you’ve just shared a witty new post on social media? Your eyes are glued to the monitor awaiting every new person’s like and comment. Your heart and mind are tensely waiting for a response from someone – anyone – to validate your effort. Just one thing: make sure… Continue reading The After-Post [COMIC]

Feast Your Eyes on LG’s New 34″ Monitor

In the age of bigger is better comes the new 34″ monitor via LG. The monitor boasts ultrawide quad high-definition (whatever that is) and is available for just under one thousand bucks. The screen also has an ultrawide resolution of 21:9 and offers an assortment of features like Mac compatability, screen splitting, LED backlighting and… Continue reading Feast Your Eyes on LG’s New 34″ Monitor

Who You Meet at Every Geek Convention [COMIC]

Have you ever been to Comic-Con or any other geek-sanctioned convention? If you have, you were bound to run into various superhero fans and costumes: from the casual Batman t-shirt to semi-functional Ironman suit. Comic-con is one of the few places in the world where adults can dress up as their favorite cosplay characters without… Continue reading Who You Meet at Every Geek Convention [COMIC]

How You Spend Your Time on Facebook [CHART]

Did you know the average user spends 40 minutes per day on Facebook? While much of that time is spent trying to adjust your Facebook privacy settings and avoiding ads in your news feed, the rest of it is usually spent frolicking on Facebook. From stalking exes to searching for old friends to make sure… Continue reading How You Spend Your Time on Facebook [CHART]