Flip Bits, Not Burgers: Google Announces Summer Of Code 2013

Google Summer of Code 2013

Google Summer of Code 2013

Google Summer of Code is a program that gives post-secondary student developers around the world (ages 18 and older) stipends to work on various open source software design projects. With today’s announcement, Google is looking to encourage promising young programmers to “flip bits, not burgers” this summer! The experience of learning to work with others in complex development environments is crucial as students get ready to enter the real workforce. Since it’s inception in 2005, the program has had over 6,000 student participants and 3000 mentors from over 100 countries around the world. Learning computer science or engineering at a University can prove to be very different from the type of work after school. The major difference between school and work is that getting 80% might cut it for the grade, but not a client or your boss in the real world. The days of programming till dawn to get a piece of code sort of working for class that day are over. Young engineers must learn to work well with others in teams (and during regular hours), on often tight deadlines! In school mostly every program you work on, no matter how simple or complex, was likely 100% written by you. Working at tech companies like Google or Microsoft, developers normally contribute to larger projects with many other programmers. And that’s why Google is offering the Summer of Code, knowing how important it for these young students to learn how to work together and create something awesome this summer! These scholars get to further their development in areas of their academic pursuit, gain real-world exposure plus receive offers for employment down the road. So if you’re an aspiring young developer or know somebody that is, this could be a great opportunity to look into.

To learn more about the program or apply check out the video below and the Google Summer of Code 2013 official page.

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