Facebook Announces 15-Second Videos For Instagram, Boasting 13 New Filters and 130 Million Active Users

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videoFacebook finally put an end to the video for Instagram rumors, by making that feature official today. The social network held a press event at its Menlo Park headquarters to unveil “something big” and to share a cup of coffee with a few shortlist invited reporters. In an unprecedented move, Facebook sent out paper invitations to the event, in addition to the specific mention of a cup of Joe offered up as well. So Instagram will include 15 seconds of video uploads which allow it to compete with Twitter Vine service, that features 6 second video loops. Instagram has also announced over 130 million active members, and tripling their team.

The CEO of Instagram, kevin Systrom mentioned that Instagram is about moments, visual images. Instagram is on a quest to record meaningful and everyday moments, that may have otherwise been forgotten, and capture them. Capture and share the world’s moments. Allow different people like chefs, actors, to create a community not just about photos, but about coming together. There are 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, with over 1 billion likes a day! There are 130 million people who use Instagram every month.

Video for Instagram

Instagram is launching a video feature that allows 15 second uploads, which it considers the right balance. The video and new cinema feature to make your videos more beautiful, will be available for the iOS and Android apps. Instagram also called on the community for what features video editors would really appreciate. So now it lets you easily remove clips from videos and then apply 13 brand new custom filters to the videos like Moon, Skyline, Vesper, Stinson and more. Instagram’s team focused on “Simplicity, Beauty and Community” and can’t wait to see what videos we all start to share!

Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

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