It Took Just One Day for Adobe’s New Photoshop to Be Pirated

Photoshop Creative Cloud pirated in one day

Photoshop Creative Cloud pirated in one day

Adobe released the newest version of Creative Cloud on Monday, offering Creative Suite upgrades only to monthly subscribers for the first time. Despite the fact that the new Photoshop no longer functions as a standalone desktop-based application, hackers were still able to pirate the software and make it make it available for download on the Pirate Bay within a day of its release, without authentication with Adobe’s servers, according to Fstoppers.

Screenshot Photoshop Creative Cloudvia PetaPixel

The copy is called “Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0 Final Multilanguage” and appears to be the real deal. Since Adobe requires Creative Cloud (CC) desktop applications to verify their subscription status on a monthly basis, though, it’s possible this pirated copy may be only a temporary hack. Though Photoshop is one of the most pirated softwares and is therefore highly susceptible to being spread illegally, we are still surprised to see Photoshop CC hacked so quickly; after all Creative Cloud is supposed to require continual authentication with Adobe’s servers, a quality that should make it more difficult to pirate.

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  1. According to fstoppers… how lucky we are that they did not provide any proof. No link to a tweet from the hackers that did this, no screenshots – nada.

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