How to Ignore and Replace Facebook News Feed Posts on Topics that Annoy You: Rather Chrome Extension

rather chrome extensionFrom the creators of comes the next evolution of Facebook News Feed filtering: Rather. See, our friends aren’t perfect, and every single thing they say doesn’t always interest us. And the things that don’t interest us can be generalized to certain topics. It’s as if you’d say to yourself, “I would rather look at selfies all day than another post about politics.”

The Rather browser extension for Chrome lets you look at certain topics you like “Rather” than topics you don’t! So if you’d rather look at sloths instead of Miley Cyrus, go for it, or vice versa.


To use Rather, enter the keywords you don’t like into the extension and it will begin predicting your entry starting when you type the first letter. For example, if you start by typing the letter “b,” the extension will suggest everything from “Breaking Bad” to the “Broncos” to save you some work in your filtering. Besides using keywords you can also enter the names of Facebook friends you don’t want to hear from, like that annoying coworker you don’t want to officially unfriend! Finally, with one click you can also rid yourself of services like Instagram, Vine, Nike+, Buzzfeed and Upworthy that continually clog your feed, either by replacing their content with something else or muting them altogether.

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For hater inspiration you can even browse Rather to see what the other 200,000+ users are blocking in real time, including a section of upcoming events that may eventually get on your last nerves, like Movember and Christmas.


According to the New York Times, Rather “fixed the Internet” and some guy on Twitter claims “this is the greatest invention since the wheel.”

What topics or services would you like to stop seeing on Facebook?
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