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Are You the Most Annoying Person on Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook is a great place to stalk – I mean catch up on – our friends’ lives. It’s also a great place to go when we’re bored, procrastinating or when we just want a view into someone else’s life. Despite the entertainment value of people’s status updates and pictures, the things that some of our Facebook friends post just don’t fly in the News Feed. LoveMyVouchers.co.uk surveyed 1,063 regular Facebook users to determine the 10 types of Facebook friends that get under our skin the most.


10 The Loved-Up Couple

The number one rule on Facebook should be no joint accounts. Not only do some couples incessantly post about their outings, meals and undying love for each other, but some go so far as to share one Facebook account for their couplehood, as if their relationship has fused their two separate persons into one. Sheesh. 4.1% of Facebookers think these lovey dovey types need to get off Facebook and get a room of their own.


9 The Exaggerator

Friends who complain about their stressful lives, about how bad the traffic to work is, you name it: most of their words are exaggerations, and 4.9% of us think their posts are the most annoying in the News Feed. Tone it down a little, exaggerators.


8 The Shameless Self Promoter

Most of us have a musician friend or a volunteering friend who seems to send us a different event invite every week. At first we felt honored to be included on the guest list, but by now we’ve realized having this shameless, self promoting friend on Facebook is more of a curse than a blessing. Though 6.4% of us accept that we’ll never be able to clean our event inbox out for the rest of time, we’re still pretty annoyed.


7 The Professional Arguer

No matter what we post, there is always one friend who has to pick a bone with us. This friend can’t help it: he’s a professional arguer who can’t make it through his day without butting heads with someone on Facebook. 7% of us put up with these negative attitudes on our News Feeds.


6 The Long Lost “Friend”

Do you consider Facebook a good place to reunite with long lost friends from elementary school? Apparently 7.9% of us don’t think, and we really don’t appreciate random friend requests from people we kinda sorta vaguely remember, maybe, from when we were five.


5 The Candy Crush Pest

The day Facebook opened itself up to apps might be officially recorded as the worst day in history. Now, friends with nothing better to do than play games with strange names like “Dragon City” and “Bingo Bash” feel the need to invite us to play with them. While 10% of us are annoyed by these constant invites, I think we’re also a bit jealous of our friends’ endless stores of free time to waste on mediocre online games.


4 The Wannabe Master Chef

Food is a popular topic. We love to think about food, to dream about food and most of all to eat food. But the thing about food is this: when you’re not the one about to eat the food, you don’t want to think about the food. This is why 11.8% of us wish our wannabe master chef friends would stop posting pictures of their creations online. Or if these friends insist on posting, they should at least mail us a bite of that Oreos and Reese’s stuffed chocolate chip cookie they posted about last night.


3 The Facebook Baby Bore

When you’re creating a new photo album on Facebook every day documenting your baby sitting in various locations in your house or at the park, you are posting too many pictures of your kid to Facebook. Don’t get me wrong: we think your kid is damn cute, but 13.1% of us would appreciate better discretion on your part. You know, post just the one best picture instead of the 99+ outtakes.


2 The Boasting Traveller

One of the worst things to find on Facebook is a picture of your friend sipping a mojito on a warm, sunny beach while you are stuck typing away in your office cubicle in the middle of winter. 15.8% of us would appreciate if our boastful traveling friends would save us the jealousy and keep their travels to themselves.


1 The Update Addict

Just about one in every five people (19.1%) on Facebook have had it up to here with our update-addicted friends. We don’t need to know that you just bought your second-favorite brand of toilet paper at the supermarket, or that you’re thinking of scrubbing your feet tonight. TMI, man. TMI.

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