Ethereal Photography and an Interview with Stacy White

`You can tell a Stacy White photo in two ways. The first is its mythical style, which she achieves using filters and color saturations (with varying opacity). The second is Florida.

Stacy White lives in Sarasota, Florida, with her husband, two children, two dogs, and her cat. Living in Florida gives her a wide range of opportunities to photograph interesting wildlife as well as amazing locations. Her work is primarily of scenes, ranging from cityscapes to rural plains; however, to limit White to landscapes would be to oversimplify her work, as she also takes photos in reclusive places such as abandoned cabins and sewing mills.

Ethereal Photography by Stacy White

In an interview with White, she described her technique:

I try to capture and present the image closest to its natural state as when I took the photograph. I usually do basic adjustments in Camera Raw and then move on to a plugin. There’s not really a specific way I edit my photos, but I do have a few things that I usually do to each photo – such as adjust the white balance, add some contrast, and adjust the highlights and shadows – and then I study the image and determine if it needs anything else.

The Old Silk Mill

Apart from photographing hidden gems, White is also able to capture the perfect view in any type of scenery. Whether it’s kayaking down a river, with mountains framing the sky (as pictured),

Enjoying Lake Louise

or enjoying a ride at the carnival, White’s gift with light exposure exhibits itself in her dreamlike photos.

Hay Bales at Sunset

When asked about her favorite photo of hers, White replied:

I have a handful that I love – mostly because of the memories of the location or a specific trip. Grand Teton National Park is one of my absolute favorite places, so I have quite a few photos from there that I really love.

Teton Sunrise

Mountain Sunrise

All photographers work to improve their craft, and images can be edited and re-edited until a final product presents itself. Stacy shared how she knows a photo is finished:

Some images come out of the camera and are almost exactly what I imagined. Sometimes, I think one is going to be my new favorite and I end up never finishing it because it’s just off in some way and I can’t make it into what I want it to be. When I first started, I definitely overdid some of my images… They now make me cringe and then I re-edit them. Usually, I save them and consider them done when they look like what I saw standing with my camera before I took the photo.


Urban Exploration

Fun at the Fair!

Union Station Pittsburgh

White values originality and makes an effort to capture images in a new light.

I try to find an angle that’s different. I’m either squatting down, leaning to the side, laying on the ground… or sometimes all of the above. If I go to a really well-known spot, I try and find a different perspective instead of the one you typically see.

Let the Sunshine In

To find subjects for her photos, White often pulls over on the side of the road or scouts an area for any sites prior to visiting.

I mainly photograph landscapes but have a love of abandoned buildings… especially old barns. A lot of these are just found by driving around and going up random roads. If I’m traveling somewhere new, I’ll go to and look for interesting places in the area that I want to visit and photograph. Most of the time, either the light or an interesting scene will catch my eye. My husband is used to me asking him to pull over now… If I look out the window for too long or look behind me he usually asks if I want to stop!


Stacy White is an excellent photographer. She shares her diverse portfolio on DashBurst and on her personal website,  We look forward to more great work from Stacy!

By Allison Guzman

Native Texan attending Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Ethics, History, and Public Policy with a secondary major in Professional Writing. Interning at DashBurst for the summer!