13 Amazing Architecture Photos

Architecture has always had intrigued people, and modern design keeps reaching out farther into the sky. From medieval churches to towering skyscrapers, take a look at these stunning examples of human ingenuity.

Up by Daniel Parodi

Sempione Square, Milan, Italy by Andrea Papaleo

“1873” by LimeBluPhotography

St. Mary’s, Port Washington, WI by JamesMeyerMedia

Opera Garnier (Paris) by Kamal Bennani

Burj Khalifa by Mila Ritz

Tallinn Old Town by Jukka Heinovirta

14 Degree by Khalid Jamal Abdullah

Urbani by Irene Eberwein

Architecture building- Black and white by Rakel Elke

Midtown from Above, New York City by Steven Hughes

Echo by Jolie Buchanan

Bad moon rising by Lars-Ove Törnebohm

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