13 Amazing Architecture Photos

Architecture has always had intrigued people, and modern design keeps reaching out farther into the sky. From medieval churches to towering skyscrapers, take a look at these stunning examples of human ingenuity. Up by Daniel Parodi Sempione Square, Milan, Italy by Andrea Papaleo “1873” by LimeBluPhotography St. Mary’s, Port Washington, WI by JamesMeyerMedia Opera Garnier… Continue reading 13 Amazing Architecture Photos

12 Beautiful Landscape Photos to Lose Yourself In

Landscapes have long been a popular subject for photographers, especially those who enjoy¬†traveling through the great outdoors. People love looking at landscape photographs because they can offer peaceful views of nature not visible in common urban environments. Notice how many of these photos use natural lighting to accentuate certain features of the landscape. This kind… Continue reading 12 Beautiful Landscape Photos to Lose Yourself In