Linear Juxtaposition and Architectural Perspective by Daniel Parodi

Photos by Daniel Parodi often have perfectly straight edges, sharp contrasts, crystal-clear focal points, and ornate structures. In short, the images he captures (and posts on DashBurst) weave intricate pictures. Some of his images are in black and white, which only adds to the dramatic effect.

Parodi plays with shadows and the different visuals that opposing lines can create, as pictured below.

Cubes and Shadows


Squares Dream

Triangle of Light

The picture of the Madonna juxtaposed with the colorful bikes underneath presents a theme of new meets old. Similar works also have a contrasting metaphor.


Parodi does a lot of work with colors and darker backgrounds to create photos with astounding contrast. Check out these great examples:


Dark Balcony and Shadows


Pictured below is a cityscape view of a narrow alleyway with buildings bordering the sides and the street stretching toward the middle of the photo. This image exhibits Parodi’s preference for images with central focal points.



We’re all familiar with shots of glamorous and pretty cities. This photo (above) shows the beauty of a grimy one — the dirty windows, leaky air conditioning units, and densely populated areas.

Parodi also takes photos of large, intricately structured buildings along with close-ups of the detailing on them, like the ones below. The building (in Thousand Eyes) has a Wes Anderson feel with its brightly colored accents and ornate embellishments.

Thousand Eyes

Train Station

Daniel Parodi’s images are exceptional; his contribution to DashBurst is immense.  We thank him and look forward to seeing more work!

By Allison Guzman

Native Texan attending Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Ethics, History, and Public Policy with a secondary major in Professional Writing. Interning at DashBurst for the summer!