The 14 Most Epic Puppy Stampedes of All-Time

Have you ever seen any animals as excited as these dog here today?

1 Did Someone Say Walk?

did someone say walk?via:

2 The Intruder Banishing Stampede

Heroic Intruder Banishing Stampede of 1976via:

3 Corgi Stampede to Greet Human at Door

Corgi Stampedevia:

4 The Dinner Time Stampede

Dinner Time Stampedevia:

5 The Love Attack Stampede

Love Attack Stampedevia:

6 Honor of the Queen Stampede

Honor of the Queen Stampedevia:

7 Stampede for the Sake of Stampeding

Stampede for the Sake of Stampeding via:

8 Deadly Adorable Dinner Stampede

Deadly Dinner Stampedevia:

9 The Unconditional Love Stampede

unconditional love stampedevia:

10 Happy to See You Again Stampede

happy to see youvia:

11 Newspaper Shortage Stampede

Newspaper Shortage Stampedevia:

12 Crunchy Leaves Stampede

Crunchy Leaves Stampedevia:

13 Mountainous Stampede

Mountainous Stampedevia:

14 Epic Slow-Motion Stampede

via buzzfeed

Alan Darnell
this is a very nice Saturday share. Thanks. We love puppies.
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