Cat Lady Dreams vs. Cat Dreams [COMIC]

cat dreamsAre you crazy about cats? Do you dream of stuffing them in boxes and hugging them to death all day?

Well, when it comes to our relationship with cats, there may be a larger disconnect than you think. There are actually many cats that appear to be pretty grumpy these days . Sure lots of cats are cute, and remind us of babies, but tigers and cheetahs are cute too unless you actually saw one in real life. Somewhere in the unwritten rules of the animal kingdom, you learn that you don’t try to eat other creatures that are 20 times bigger than you. But don’t be fooled, your domesticated cat is still a predatory animal and has been known to take out a few birds or rodents in its time. And if somehow they ever became big enough, either through evolution, steroids or some other type of Frankenstein-like creation, they’d probably eat you too!

comic via catversushuman

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Jason Wagner
lol, that's fairly funny! And somewhat true, too!
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