Edge Animate Adds Audio, Responsive Scaling to Help You Build Better Animations Using HTML

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Edge Animate CC screenshotWeb designers, here’s some great news: Adobe has just released version 3.0 of Edge Animate for Creative Cloud, which brings many new features for creating animations and interactive content with HTML.

Here’s what’s new:


Audio Support

Edge Animate CC audio functions

One of the most useful features for the future Web is interactive content that plays through HTML rather than scripts. To keep up with this trend Adobe’s added audio options to Edge Animate, letting you import audio into your projects, synchronize sound with your timeline and control audio events with new snippets and playback controls. This way you can add subtle sound effects to your site or add audio to your animated story – anything you can do with sound in the browser.


Responsive Scaling

Edge Animate CC responsive scaling large

To make it easier to create animations that work across screen sizes, Adobe’s added responsive scaling that helps you animate objects that can scale up and down based on the containers they are placed in and through browser resizes. Use the feature by checking “Responsive Scaling” for the Stage properties.


Script Loading

Adobe now lets you bring your favorite JavaScript libraries like Greensock, Edge Commons, jQuery UI and more into Edge Animate. Access items in your library in the new “Scripts” panel, and add items from your hard drive or the Web by clicking the plus button.

If you’re a Creative Cloud member you can see these updates by clicking on the “Install” button beside Edge Animate CC in your Creative Cloud desktop app.

Edge Animate is available in Creative Cloud, Adobe’s subscription-based suite of creative editing tools. Recently Adobe updated Photoshop with 3D-printing capabilities and more.

Will you start adding audio to your HTML sites using Edge Animate?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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