Adobe Updates Creative Cloud Apps, Adds 3D Printing to Photoshop

Creating interactive elements in ebooks in InDesign CC

Have you ever wished you could design 3D objects in Photoshop? With the new features coming to Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps, you can!

3D Printing in Photoshop CC

3D printing design in Photoshop CC

The latest update to Photoshop CC comes with new 3D printing capabilities so you can build, preview, prepare and print 3D designs all using the familiar tools of Photoshop. Perspective Warp lets you alter the viewpoint from which an object is seen and manipulate perspective in an image without altering the rest of the image. Plus, new linked Smart Objects enable you to use and update objects simultaneously across multiple documents.


Illustrator CC Introduces New Live Corners Controls

Live Corners options in Illustrator CC

The latest update to Illustrator CC will bring new Live Corners controls for creating editable rounded corners. Adobe has also rebuilt the Pencil Tool to make drawing more intuitive. Plus, quickly modifying existing objects and changing the view of perspective drawings will be possible with Path Segment Reshape and the option to export responsive SVG code and graphics.


Building Interactive Ebooks in InDesign CC

Creating interactive elements in ebooks in InDesign CC

InDesign CC now supports EPUB 3.0 specification, including new ways to make ebooks interactive and the ability to add pop-up footnotes. The latest version of Indesign CC adds support for Japanese Vertical Composition and Hebrew and Arabic text. It’s also easier to create and manage hyperlinks.

To start using these new features, open Creative Cloud on your desktop and update your software.

How will you use Creative Cloud’s new features?

Lauren Mobertz

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