6 Design Conscious Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Enjoy

heat-activated Tetris mug

As the holiday shopping season comes to a close, some of us are still scrambling for last minute gifts for friends. Maybe the sweater we imagined buying doesn’t come in your bestie’s size, maybe the store ran out the espresso maker you’d planned on buying your cousin’s boyfriend or maybe you just didn’t have time to draft a Christmas list. Whatever your reason for procrastinating on your holiday shopping, you still want to buy gifts your friends will enjoy and actually use. That’s where this list comes in. Below are six design conscious gifts that will make any friend smile.

For the Gamer

Nintendo cartridge flask

This flask disguised as a classic Nintendo cartridge will impress game enthusiasts and thrill any friend nostalgic for the 80’s. The makers behind the flask, dubbed the ink whiskey concealable entertainment flask, recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and estimate their product will be available soon. You can pre-order a flask for $20.

For Your Potty-Mouthed Friend

toilet-shaped mug

This toilet-shaped mug is a perfect gift for your potty-mouthed friends. Though it might not make their mouths any cleaner, it will do a great job of holding their coffee. Buy it from Big Mouth Toys for about $14.

For the Reminiscer

heat-activated Tetris mug

Another gift to please a nostalgic friend, this heat-activated mug brings a Tetris game to life every time you fill it with a hot beverage. Now there are two best parts to waking up: the coffee in your cup and the Tetris game on your cup! The mug is available for $14.99 from Vat19.com.

For the Friend Who Always Sleeps In

For the friend who never wants to get out of bed, here is the perfect alarm clock. The Clocky and Tocky from Nanda Home will literally throw themselves off the nightstand and enlist your friend in an early morning game of tag to make sure he really wakes up. These clever little clocks are available online from $45 – make sure to buy the (PRODUCT)RED version!

For Your Phone Addict Friend

You might be tempted to send your phone addict friend to a digital detox camp, but a cheaper solution exists. Meet Higby, an iPhone accessory designed to keep your friends away from the second screen so she can focus more on, you know, you. With a smiley face blocking the headphone jack, a heart blocking the camera, and arms locking screens out of sight, the Higby might be best thing you buy for your friend and your friendship, ever. Sign up to be alerted when Higby goes on sale.

For the Friend Who Always Complains About Holiday Feasting

eat fit dumbbel cutlery

If there were a way to make eating into a workout, which of your friends would be most excited? You might want to consider buying this special someone a set of Eat Fit dumbbell cutlery. This set of fork, knife and desert spoon weighs 4 kilograms (that’s just short of nine pounds) and is setting out to revolutionize the diet industry (and make your friends laugh). If you feel like splurging, you can buy a hand-crafted set for $145 from The Cheeky.

Do you have any other last-minute holiday gift ideas for friends?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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