22 Irresistably Clever Vine Video Animations by Brock Davis

clever vines 2013Brock Davis is a creative artist, photographer and director who works in a variety of mixed mediums. His ideas are often spontaneous, funny and always clever whether he’s building a paper plane that flies itself our your window or helping a choking peach live to grow more fuzz.

Brock, a Cannes Lion industry award winner, says he creates every animation with the same purpose in mind: to “make work that people want to talk about and have fun doing it.”

Meet Artist Brock Davis

Also check out his best Vines from 2013 below:

paper plane



hungry sofa


paper towel smokestack


choking peach


popcorn kernel in thought




flying strawberry


onion rain


celery and cheeseballs


    apple stem




    cherry bomb


    banana phone (ringer off)




    singing pinecone


    five wires


    mint match




    nature’s corndog


    crying onion


    water lily


    angry toaster

    Did you have fun with these Vines too?

    2013 Vines via Brock Davis

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