How Long Does It Take to Binge-Watch These TV Shows? [CHART]

Binge watching is the new craze these days, especially with video streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu Plus and gadgets like AppleTV and Amazon’s new Fire TV. But do you ever stop to wonder just how much time you’re spending watching show after show after show? What about how much time it would take to watch entire seasons in just one sitting?

Leading global information and measurement company Nielson provides market research, insights and data about what people watch and what they buy. The company was kind enough to calculate just how long it would take to watch all the seasons of some of our favorite TV shows.

Whether it’s a show from Netflix like House of Cards (which runs for a total of 22 hours), a sitcom like The Big Bang Theory (2 days, 13 hours) or How I Met Your Mother (3 days, 2 hours), a wildly popular TV show like Game of Thrones (1 day, 6 hours), or an animated series like Pok√©mon (12 days, 9 hours) or The Simpsons (8 days, 10 hours), these charts are the best guide to how much time you’ll need to watch it all and how much of your life it would consume.
bing watch time popular tv shows 1

bing watch time popular tv shows 2

bing watch time animated tv shows

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Mikaela Rakos

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