The Best NFL Super Bowl XLVIII Tweets So Far

Burgundy Manning One on One

Burgundy Manning One on One

Super Bowl XLVIII is coming up this weekend, which means not only football, a dazzling halftime show and tons of party food, but also all types of social media buzz about the game. And when it comes to social media buzz, Twitter leads the pack. Here are some of the most viral tweets so far about the approaching game.

Tweets From Some Official Super Bowl-Related Accounts:

The NFL and the teams have been either spreading the hype or offering congratulations it seems. Here are some of their most popular tweets about the big game:

From Super Bowl XLVIII:

From the NFL:

From the Denver Broncos:

From the Seattle Seahawks:


Tweets from Super Bowl XLVIII Players and Coaches

The players and coaches are also getting geared up for the Super Bowl, although it looks like they’ve spent the last week in a social media moratorium of sorts. Also neither Peyton Manning or John Fox have official Twitter accounts. So the Seahawks have already won the social media engagement game.

From Pete Carroll:

Thank you #12s!!! Best fans in the world!!! Super Bowl bound!!! #GoHawks

— Pete Carroll (@PeteCarroll) January 20, 2014

From Russell Wilson:

What an amazing blessing! God is so good! NFC Champs! Headed to the Super Bowl! #GoHawks

— Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) January 20, 2014

From Richard Sherman:

A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of a sheep.

— Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) January 20, 2014


Popular Super Bowl XLVIII Hashtags on Twitter

Quite a few hashtags have popped up in the list of trending topics on Twitter that are related to the Super Bowl this year. For our purposes here, the number of times a hashtag has been retweeted and favorited is the mark of virality; not how often the hashtag appears on Twitter. Here are some of the most viral tweets tied to the popular ones:

For the hashtag #SuperBowlXLVII

For the hashtag #WhosGonnaWin:

For the hashtag #SB48:

For the hashtag #GoHawks

For the hashtag #GoBroncos


Viral Tweets from the Networks and Media

All of the media and news outlets seem to be talking about the Super Bowl on Twitter. However it was interesting that Fox Television (who’s hosting the game) really wasn’t tweeting about the game so much, but rather retweeting and sharing content from Fox Sports.

From Fox TV:

From ESPN:

From Sports Illustrated:

From Fox Sports:


Random Viral Super Bowl Entertainment Tweets

The Red Hot Chili Peppers may be making an appearance in this year’s Super Bowl, but they sure aren’t tweeting about it.

From Bruno Mars:

For the hashtag #SuperBowlCommercials


The Winner of the Super Bowl XLVIII on Twitter

It was close, but according to TwitterSports, the Seattle Seahawks have edged ahead

It was fun browsing the Twitter airwaves for content and information about SuperBowl XLVIII. But it was also an eye opener to realize that with some topics, people just prefer contributing their own unique voice to the conversation instead of resharing the content of others. This should especially be the case during the game itself when people will have plenty to talk about and opinions to share. Hope you enjoyed!

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