The Crystalized Forest Series: Photo Collages of Internet Mirrors That Reflect on Nature

internet mirrors laura mackin

Laura Mackin collects photos of mirrors found on the internet that just happen to reflect on the surrounding nature. Each collage in The Crystallized Forest Series frames a reflective representation of a nearby tree, bush or sky above. These glossy virtual representations of nature were inspired by J.G. Ballard’s glittering descriptions in his novel The Crystal World.

Here is an excerpt from Ballard’s book in the “Mirrors & assassins” chapter:

The crystalline trees hanging like icons in those luminous caverns, the jeweled casements of the leaves..

Check out more of these creative images below that look like windows into greener pastures and worlds!

internet mirrors laura mackin 1

internet mirrors laura mackin 2

internet mirrors laura mackin 3

internet mirrors laura mackin 5

internet mirrors laura mackin 4

Check out Laura Mackin’s site here to learn more about her artwork.

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By Daniel Zeevi

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