Batkid Saves San Francisco and Inspires World

Have you heard about the incredible story of how the city of San Francisco came together to make the wish of one 5 year old fighting Leukemia come true? The Make-a-Wish Foundation helped organize the entire event catered to the young crime fighter by turning the “City By The Bay” into Gotham City, and providing the kid a Batmobile and a damsel in distress to rescue. Miles Scott, whose cancer is in remission, helped the city not only capture the Riddler and Penguin, but the hearts and minds of everyone in the country as well. As such he was given a key to the city by mayor Ed Lee and you can even check out the entire story in a specially printed front page of a newspaper!
Batkid SF story

You can view all updates on ABC News and follow him on twitter at @SFBatKid.

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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