This Mini Synth Lets You Turn Any Object, Even a Human Being, into a Musical Instrument

ototo synthesizer with eggplant attached gif

ototo synthesizer with eggplant attached gif

Have you ever felt like the household objects surrounding you are begging to express their musical selves? With this mini synthesizer, you just might get to hear them sing.

The Ototo is a 12-key synthesizer equipped with connectors. Plug in any conductive material, be it a vegetable, a bowl of water or a human being, and Ototo will turn it into a playable musical instrument. Four sensor inputs control the pitch, loudness and texture of the sound to give you total control of the music you make.

ototo synthesizer

Designed in part by Yuri Suzuki, who brought us the Disney microphone that transmits audio messages via touch straight into a person’s ear, Ototo has just launched its Kickstarter campaign and has already 76 backers. Learn more about the synth in the video below, or pledge to it on Kickstarter.

via The Verge

Lauren Mobertz

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