Famous Movie Scenes Recreated by Film-Obsessed Parents and Their Adorable Baby

Cardboard Box Office - Castaway“Castababy” – Castaway

When Lilly and Leon moved to a new country with a new baby, they found themselves with extra free time and a lot of empty cardboard boxes. To fill in their suddenly altered social lives they started recreating famous movie scenes every week, featuring their (damn cute) baby, Orson, and ordinary household objects. Since then their project, dubbed the Cardboard Box Office, has taken the family from Jurassic Park to deserted islands, all in the span of a few weeks. Find some of our favorite scenes below:


“Bubbalien” – Alien

Cardboard Box office - Alien


“Yippie Kay-Aye, Mama ‘n Papa” – Die Hard

Cardboard Box Office - Die Hard


“Homemade Alone” – Home Alone

Cardboard Box Office - Home Alone


“Wah Wars” – Star Wars

Cardboard Box Office - Star Wars


“You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Baby” – Jaws

Cardboard Box Office - Jaws


“The Cradle of Doom” – The Temple of Doom

Cardboard Box Office - Temple of Doom


“Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa-Rassic Park” – Jurassic Park

Cardboard Box Office - Jurassic Park


“The Dark Knighty-Night” – The Dark Knight

Cardboard Box Office - the Dark Knight

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Images by Cardboard Box Office
via Laughing Squid

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