Yelp Reviews and Ratings Have Officially Made Their Way to Yahoo Search

GIF demonstrating screenshots of Yelp reviews in Yahoo search

Baohaus yelp results in yahoo search

Yahoo Search results now look more delicious than ever. Just as rumors suggested, Yahoo is now partnering with Yelp to improve its search results. User reviews and ratings along with business information from Yelp will now display when you search for local businesses in Yahoo search and Yahoo Maps. A lightbox displaying images related to the business uploaded by Yelp users, Yahoo’s partners and the business itself is also available.

Baohaus Yelp images in Yahoo search results

Including Yelp reviews and ratings in Yahoo brings a deeper, more informative experience to Yahoo local search. The democratic nature of Yelp allows for some of the most honest and up-to-date information on local restaurants and other businesses to be uploaded to the site. By tapping into Yelp’s stores of information, Yahoo can do a better job of providing relevant and recent information on local businesses. Yelp is one of my favorite sites for finding recommendations on which companies I should give my business to, and I’m glad to see it going more mainstream (if Yahoo search can even still be considered mainstream).

Yelp results are available from Yahoo whether you search from a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

GIF demonstrating screenshots of Yelp reviews in Yahoo search

Do you search for local businesses using Yelp?

Lauren Mobertz

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